Lower Back Tattoos

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Lower Back Tattoo Design

Lower Back Tattoo Design

Trying to decide where you should get your first tattoo (or your second or third, for that matter)? Especially for females, where you get your tattoo is just as important as the design you choose. Lower back tattoos convey a sense of sexiness, no matter whether you opt for a tiny heart or a tribal design that reaches from hip to hip.

You can visit your local tattoo shop to browse lower back tattoo designs – but keep in mind that many of these designs are similar. It can be quite difficult to find ready-to-ink designs that are imaginative and eye-catching. If you want a unique lower back tattoo, try getting basic ideas from ready-made designs, and then incorporating your own ideas to make your tattoo truly one of a kind!

You’ll probably see lots of lower back tribal tattoos when you’re out and about – this is one of the most common designs used on the lower back. A tribal design has its pluses and minuses – the dark, thick lines are eye catching, so your tattoo will definitely get noticed… but chances are good that wherever you go, someone will have a tattoo very similar to yours!

Another good option is the lower back star tattoo. Although these aren’t quite as common as tribal tattoos, they are quickly gaining in popularity. And since stars can be used with a variety of other elements, you and your tattoo artist can easily create a custom lower back tattoo design that is both unique and attractive.

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