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Infinity tattoo on toe 300x225 Infinity tattoos

Infinity tattoo on toe (photo:

The infinity tattoo design and symbol is one that is non-religious, but holds much meaning and is very beautifully simple. While some people may consider this symbol one for mathematicians, the infinity tattoo design is actually a very popular tattoo design in the general population.

Infinity tattoo on arm 300x199 Infinity tattoos

Infinity tattoo on arm (

Infinity tattoo designs are especially popular amongst couples and you will often see hearts tattooed next to infinity tattoos or intertwined with them. Couples that get this tattoo to symbolize their never ending, limitless love will usually get this tattoo in the same part of their bodies to further demonstrate their and commitment to each other.

This is not a tattoo that is strictly for lovers, however. The infinity symbol is a never ending loop, much like the knots and loops in Celtic tattoos. It conveys similar meanings of rebirth and reincarnation as in eastern cultures and religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. This tattoo signifies that we are all eternal whether we are in physical bodies or not.

lifeguards Infinity tattoos

Lifeguards infinity tattoo

Infinity tattoo designs, as mentioned previously, signify no limitations and never ending possibilities with no boundaries. Everything is infinite. Think about the idea of never ending possibilities and apply it to your life. Every moment we live is filled with decisions and each decision has infinite endings. This symbol represents the universe and all of its possibilities. It represents parallel universes and realities. With infinite realities, universes and possibilities, anything and everything can be possible. With infinite possibilities provided to us each and every moment of our being, we have the choice to be anything and anyone we want. Infinity tattoo designs are meaningful because it is hard for us to wrap our heads around the concept and it is great for deep thinkers.

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Matching his and her infinity tattoos

Infinity tattoo designs may be simple, but they still looks fantastic as a tattoo. It is also easy to customize and can be placed anywhere. You can add hearts if you want to signify love. You can intersect two separate infinity symbols to create a cross for added religious meaning. You can intertwine the yin-yang symbol to amplify the meanings of each symbol. Some people choose to have use the words of a quote to create the infinity symbol instead of one simple looping line. Others choose to embed tattoo lettering, like a single word or name within the loop. Some choose to add embellishments and swirls and loops around the infinity tattoo design to add some flare.

auburn luedke Infinity tattoos

Auburn Luedke infinity tattoo

Another infinity tattoo design that has really increased in popularity is the double infinity tattoo design as worn by the main character Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke) in the ABC show Revenge or Reven8e. If you are interested in this tattoo design but do not want to have one exactly like that worn by Emily, there are many ways to customize your double infinity tattoo.

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Word infinity tattoo (photo: eVan X/flickr)

The infinity tattoo design is one that holds much meaning no matter what part of the world or culture you come from.  The concept of infinity is one that we are all intrigued by but can never fully understand which is what makes this symbol so fascinating. This tattoo design is a great choice for anyone wanting to embody the ideas and philosophies of no limitations and infinite possibilities. Whether you are a couple wanting to show your love or you are a deep thinker or dreamer, the infinity tattoo design is an option that should be looked into.

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Girl’s arm infinity tattoo (photo: bailey.foster/flickr)

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infiniti tattoo on wrist (photo: Amy Ferguson/flickr)

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infinity lip tattoo (photo: SharonaGott/flickr)


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