Celtic Tattoos

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Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Tattoos

If you’re looking for a tattoo design that is meaningful as well as beautiful, a Celtic tattoo might be a good choice for you. The artwork of the Celts reflects centuries of history – the origins of Celtic knotwork date back to 700 B.C.! Fortunately for us, it just so happens that these intricate patterns also make great tattoo designs.

The cross is one of the more popular themes for Celtic tattoos. If you want your tattoo to reflect your faith, a Celtic cross tattoo is a great idea. Here’s a tidbit you can tell your friends: the Trinity knot is often used in Celtic cross tattoo designs, and is thought to reflect the Holy Trinity. See, you get to seem stylish and smart!

There are several styles of Celtic knotwork, reflecting unique periods in the culture’s history. Most people are familiar with the interlace style, which looks like woven braids. If you want to create Celtic tattoo designs that are a bit more unique, look into the Hallstat style, an “elemental” pattern of shapes dating back to the Bronze Age; or the spiral style, which is made up of dramatic swirls that are joined together.

Your Celtic knot tattoo will also have other meanings as well. The interlace style represents humankind’s connection with nature, while the spiral style, which represents balance and personal spirit. Perhaps the most important meaning, though, is what your Celtic tattoo means to you!

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