Aquarius Tattoos

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Aquarius Tattoo Designs

Aquarius Tattoo Designs

Many people are proud of their astrological signs, and Aquarians are no exception. Some of these people identify themselves and their personality traits through this sign, and look for Aquarius tattoos to show the world who they are and what they are about.

The traditional symbol of Aquarius is made up of two lines, on on top of the other, that look like waves of water. The simplest Aquarius tattoos depict this symbol in black or blue ink. Because of the simplicity of this design, this type of tattoo can be made quite small, and can be placed on the ankle, the wrist, or even the foot.

Some Aquarians prefer more intricate styles, and incorporate the symbol into other elements that are representative of their astrological sign. Water often figures prominently into Aquarius tattoos – a good tattoo artist can create a water design that is both realistic and visually appealing.

Other aquatic elements can also be used in Aquarius tattoos, such as fish, coral, and other sea life. Some designs also feature sweeping tribal lines that compliment the amorphous nature of the Aquarius symbol. Still other designs incorporate stars, a nod to the origin of astrology.

Aquarius tattoos can be made still more intricate, combining the symbol with images of fairies, water sprites, and other mythical creatures. The Aquarius symbol can be used as the basis for a highly personal, unique work of art that the wearer can enjoy for a lifetime.

Because of the versatility of the Aquarius symbol, there are virtually no limits to how it can be used in tattoo art. An experienced, creative tattoo artist can help design an Aquarius tattoo that will garner plenty of compliments.

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