Angel Tattoos

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Angel tattoos

Angel tattoos

The angel is one of the most commonly use elements of tattoos today. It is not unusual to see angel tattoos rendered in many different ways, from classic designs to elaborate masterpieces. However it is used, an angel can be the centerpiece of a tattoo that turns heads and gets noticed.

Angel tattoos are popular among many different types of people. Both men and women can pull off these tattoos, and they are appropriate for people of nearly any age.

Although many people think of angel tattoos as having religious symbolism, they can represent numerous other meanings as well. Some people use angels to symbolize trust, knowledge, and inner beauty. The meaning of an angel tattoo can be quite personal, and can hold a special meaning for the wearer that is not readily apparent to others.

Not all angel tattoos are about love and light. Fallen angels are becoming more common as tattoo designs – they are used to symbolize disappointment, loss of faith, and many other negative connotations. Tattoos of severed angel wings, placed on the shoulder blades, are also gaining popularity among the disaffected.

Gothic angels, dressed in black and surrounded by dark, swirling clouds, are also becoming common among younger tattoo wearers.

One of the best things about using an angel as part of a tattoo design is that it lends itself to a variety of styles and colors. An angel can be used as part of an intricate Celtic design, an ethereal sleeve tattoo, or a stark fiery design. There are no limits to how an angel tattoo can be rendered, except for the limit of the wearer’s imagination.

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