American Tattoos

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American Girl Tattoos

American Girl Tattoos

American tattoos have long been favorites among people living in the United States. These tattoo designs are great for showing patriotism, and can be quite visually stunning. Symbols of American patriotism can be incorporated into a wide variety of tattoo designs, so it is easy to get an American tattoo that is unique as well as aesthetically appealing.

The most common symbols used in American tattoos are the bald eagle and the American flag. Some people prefer for these symbols to be rendered realistically, but others prefer more stylized versions for additional visual impact. These symbols can be used by themselves as tattoos, or can be incorporated into tribal, celtic, or other designs to create a stunning work of body art. Even the symbol itself can be styled to resemble water, Celtic knotwork, or bold tribal patterns.

Because American tattoos are so versatile, they can be made into a tattoo of nearly any size, and can be placed almost anywhere on the body. A tattoo artist can design a small American tattoo to be placed on the arm or the leg, or can put together a larger design for the chest or shoulder. Tattoos with American elements can even be made into large back pieces, allowing for a very intricate design.

Although bald eagles and American flags are commonplace, there is no need to stick with traditional American tattoos. Designs with regional flavors, such as Confederate flags, lighthouses, and other area-specific icons, can easily be made into an attractive tattoo.

While many people have American tattoos, a little creativity and personality can turn an ordinary design into a spectacular tattoo that will stand out from the crowd.

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